NLT Donors

Mighty Oak Donors

$5000 or more

Valley Voices Residents Association

Nature Conservancy of Canada



Sturdy Maple Donors


Enduring Pine Donors


Mary Bedford-Jones  Joan Chalovich  Robert Fishlock

George Gordon  Barbara Heidenreich  Brian Maxwell



Graceful Ash Donors


Paul Appleman, Jennifer Atkinson, Robert Carman,

Tyne Bonebakker, Marion Boys, Bob Coleman

Anita De Jong, Lillianne Denis, Marguerite Doritty*,

Karin Fawthrop, John Geale, Doug Gellatly, Richard Girardin,

Jim Glover, F. Godfrey, Sheila Goering, Marie Gordon, 

Jame Graham, Lorraine Harnden, Tom Jackson,

Janette Johnson, Freda Kennedy, Susan Laing, R. Lake

Molly Leckey, J. Mary Lee, Gordon Ley, Simone Merey,

Virginia McLaughlin, Kit Moore, Clair Mowat, Roger Nainby,

M. Oldham, Frank Prest, Iain Scott, Sandra Shearer,

Nina Szpakowski, M. Waring, Rae Waring, M. Warling,

Audrey Wilson, Cheryl Wilson, Linda Yieling Jane Zednik,

Willow Beach Field Naturalists






Healthy Acorn(Living Bequests)


George & Margaret Gordon

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