NLT Donors

Mighty Oak Donors

$5000 or more

None to Report


Sturdy Maple Donors

Shrew Solutions – Doug McRae


Enduring Pine Donors

Robert Fishlock & Urszula Kaczmarczy 
Doug & Cathy Galt
Dorothy & John Geale
Tom & Jennifer Jackman 
Helen Kennedy 
Willhemina Kennedy
James & Martha Oldham
Glen Parsneau & Marg Fleming 
Ruth Redelmeier
Ted & Hilda Van Netten
Lois Wells
Audrey Wilson  

Graceful Ash Donors


Alexandra Abram, Leslie Abram, Ruth Buchanan, Baltimore Valley Ltd, Patricia Beeson, Harriet & Greg Binkley, Tyne & Joanne Bonebakker, Andrew Buntin Joan Chalovich, William Crins, Camilla & Peter Dalglish, Anita de Jong, Janet & Helmut Enns, Isabel Evans, Karin Fawthrop, Richard Girardin, Frank & Patricia Godfrey, George & Marg Gordon, Marie Gordon, Eric Gormley, James Graham, Michael Harding, Lorraine Harnden, Wallace Hobbs, Brigitte & Dennis Hogarth, Richard & Sarah Holland, Jordan Hoogendam, Dave Impey, Kris Ito, Robert & Freda Kennedy, Harry Knapper, Susan & Hugh Laing, Russell & Janet Lake, Jane Leckey, Lauren Maclean, Virginia (Mary) Maclean, Charlie & Hayley Martin, Barbara McCuaig, Robert Moorcroft, Barbara & Kit Moore, Irena Orlowski & John Davidson, Richard & Felicity Pope, Frank Prest, Probus Club of Presqu’ile, Amy Quinn, Stewart Richardson & Nancy Oliver, Linda Rumpf, Maureen Simmons, Theresa Smith, Margaret Stephenson, Rebecca Stephens-Wells, Sue Stickley & Ted Hunt, Richard Tyssen, Marlynne Warling, Patricia Whitney & Ken Strauss, Cherlyn Wilson & Robert Leckie Bill Zeran


Healthy Acorn(Living Bequests)

George & Margaret Gordon
Robert Fishlock
Doug McRae
Irena Orlowski & John Davidson 
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