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Our Birding Marathon Set a Record!

Our Birding Marathon Set a Record! Featured

This year’s Northumberland Land Trust Birding Marathon set a new record for the number of bird species found: 132 !     Despite a cool cloudy day without a lot of bird activity, our expert birders were able to find a great variety of birds on our marathon day, May 22.  Thank you to our expert birders, and to all of you who sponsored us for our big day of birding.  All donations will go to stewardship of our 13 beautiful nature reserves in Northumberland County.   To view the full list of bird species found and where we found them, click here.

One of the most interesting things to do each year after the Birding Marathon is complete is to read our birder’s reports about their day on their assigned nature reserve.   Observing wildlife both day and night for a full day yields some fascinating observations - and it’s not just birds they were seeing!.   Hope you enjoy the voices of our birders as they tell the stories of their days.   

Birder Reports are here, more to come next month!



We’re Getting Ready for our Birding Marathon!

We’re Getting Ready for our Birding Marathon!

This year, our birding marathon is bigger than ever. We have 13 Nature Reserves now, and our team of expert birders are going to go out on May 22 to try to find as many species of birds as we can in 24 hours. This means going out before dawn, and staying out past dusk. It means having strategies for finding elusive or secretive birds that we know may only reside at one or two of our properties, and making sure we are in the right place at the right time. We have 1267 acres to cover! With lots of coffee, keen eyes, attentive ears, good weather, and good luck, we hope to find well over 100 different species of birds on our NLT reserves, all in one day. Click here to donate!

bird marathon finaljpg

The NLT Birding Marathon is dedicated to the memory of Norma Wallace, an avid birder and Northumberland Land Trust Supporter. We will think of her as we head out into the early morning on May 22, listening for our first bird of the day.

Our team is being assembled right now - with some veterans as well as some new additions. Here’s who we have on our birding team so far:

Roger Frost, Baxter Naday, Ben Walters, Paulette Hebert, Taylor Brown, Andrea Kingsley, Leslie Abram, Doug McRae, David Geale, Kurt Appleman, Jamie Inglis

Here’s how you can get involved and help us out:

  1. When you donate you can take a guess at how many species of birds our team can find in 24 hours! Whoever is closest to the actual number will win a litre of maple syrup from the Wilkinson Nature Reserve.
  2. Donors of $100.00 or more will be invited to a private birding tour with some of our expert birders at Lone Pine Marsh Nature Reserve on May 28

The Birding Marathon is one of our main fundraisers each year. All donations go towards stewardship and maintenance of our 13 Nature Reserves. This could be building and installing bird houses, invasive plant removal, trail maintenance, signage, wildflower planting, or one of many other improvement projects.

Northumberland Land Trust has Gone to the Birds!

Northumberland Land Trust has Gone to the Birds!

fifeiSpring is in the air, and with spring, comes birds!   Our 13 Nature Reserves are a haven for birds, whether they are migrants just passing through, or birds that stay and raise a family.   Did you know 165 different  species of birds have been found on our nature reserves over the past few years? That is an absolutely incredible number!
This spring our programming is bird friendly and bird focussed.
Wednesday March 13 at 7:00 pm Ian Fife from Birds Canada will be speaking to us about how private landowners are key to the recovery of species at risk.   You can learn what actions you can take to help birds right on your own property.  You can join this Zoom meeting from the comfort of you own home by clicking here to register:  
Saturday, April 30 at 10:00 AM you are invited to a Birding for Beginners Nature Walk at the beautiful Lone Pine Marsh- Braham Nature Reserve.    This nature reserve has a variety of habitats including marsh, meadow, and forest that is just right for our feathered friends.   Join property steward and bird lover Leslie Abram to learn about tips for observing and enjoying birds. 
Sunday, May 22 is our NLT Birding Marathon  For 24 hours, a team of expert birders will visit all 13 Nature Reserves and try to find as many species of bird as we can.    This fundraiser is dedicated to the memory of Norma Wallace, a long time NLT supporter.    With luck, and good weather, we hope to find 100 or more species!    Donations can be made per species, or in a fixed amount.   This annual event is one we always look forward to.   Donors of $100 or more will get a private birding tour with some of our expert birders the following weekend.   Our Canada Helps Donation page is here: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/dn/71035
Northumberland Land Trust and Lone Pine Land Trust Have Merged!

Northumberland Land Trust and Lone Pine Land Trust Have Merged!

Northumberland Land Trust and Lone Pine Land Trust Have Merged!
For the past couple of years the Northumberland and Lone Pine Land Trusts have been working toward merging the two Trusts, and now that the members and Boards have voted to approve the idea, the merger is underway. The transitional Board has taken the reins of the new Northumberland Land Trust and is finalizing the various technical/legal aspects of the process. 

We are truly thankful that throughout this process our members, volunteers and land donors have supported the merger enthusiastically. That is because it is an idea that makes perfect sense from all sorts of perspectives– whether it be general operating efficiency,land acquisition and management, programs, or fundraising.
The Lone Pine Land Trust adds 6 ecologically significant properties to the NLT, in the Cold Creek Watershed on the east end of Northumberland County.
To read more about the history of the Lone Pine Land Trust go to: https://nltrust.ca/index.php/about/lone-pine-land-trust-history
2021 Birdathon Results

2021 Birdathon Results

NLT is pleased to announce that Felicity Pope, with a guess of 129 species, is this year's Birdathon winner of a litre of maple syrup from Johnston's Farm Market just south of Bailieboro. The actual number of species recorded this year was 130, one shy of last year's record 131. For those interested, the species list, and the full reports for all properties, are here (or below).

Norma Wallace would be very pleased by the birding results, by the financial benefit to NLT, and by the enthusiastic support of all our sponsors.

The Northumberland Land Trust sincerely thanks all those who sponsored one or more of our birders. The event raised over $7000 this year, which is a most welcome addition to our Stewardship funds. Our main activities this year will be control of invasive species at all our Nature Reserves, rebuilding the main gate at the McEwen NR, and the field work for the Property Management Plan for the Bonebakker NR.


2020 Gala!

The Northumberland Land Trust invites you to attend our '2020 VIRTUAL GALA WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21ST AT 7:00 P.M. This will be a ZOOM event! This is a free event, but we encourage participants to make a donation at nltrust.ca. Proceeds will support NLT’s stewardship activities. Guest Speaker: Emily Damstra: "Remarkable Goldenrod: A valuable wildflower and its fascinating fauna" 


2020 Birdathon Reports!

The 2020 Wallace Memorial Birdathon was a huge success, with the number of sponsors, dollars raised, and total species observed all reaching new highs. Our members and other sponsors responded enthusiastically to our message that this might be our only major fund-raiser this year because of COVID-19 restrictions, and our sponsorships totalled just over $5650. We are most grateful for your generous support, as it will make up for some of the income we cannot expect this year. Although our Stewardship activities will be somewhat reduced, we will be able to carry on with most of them...

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