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Our Birding Marathon Set a Record!

Our Birding Marathon Set a Record! Featured

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This year’s Northumberland Land Trust Birding Marathon set a new record for the number of bird species found: 132 !     Despite a cool cloudy day without a lot of bird activity, our expert birders were able to find a great variety of birds on our marathon day, May 22.  Thank you to our expert birders, and to all of you who sponsored us for our big day of birding.  All donations will go to stewardship of our 13 beautiful nature reserves in Northumberland County.   To view the full list of bird species found and where we found them, click here.

One of the most interesting things to do each year after the Birding Marathon is complete is to read our birder’s reports about their day on their assigned nature reserve.   Observing wildlife both day and night for a full day yields some fascinating observations - and it’s not just birds they were seeing!.   Hope you enjoy the voices of our birders as they tell the stories of their days.   

Birder Reports are here, more to come next month!



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