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Northumberland Land Trust and Lone Pine Land Trust Have Merged!

Northumberland Land Trust and Lone Pine Land Trust Have Merged!
For the past couple of years the Northumberland and Lone Pine Land Trusts have been working toward merging the two Trusts, and now that the members and Boards have voted to approve the idea, the merger is underway. The transitional Board has taken the reins of the new Northumberland Land Trust and is finalizing the various technical/legal aspects of the process. 

We are truly thankful that throughout this process our members, volunteers and land donors have supported the merger enthusiastically. That is because it is an idea that makes perfect sense from all sorts of perspectives– whether it be general operating efficiency,land acquisition and management, programs, or fundraising.
The Lone Pine Land Trust adds 6 ecologically significant properties to the NLT, in the Cold Creek Watershed on the east end of Northumberland County.
To read more about the history of the Lone Pine Land Trust go to: https://nltrust.ca/index.php/about/lone-pine-land-trust-history
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