A planned or legacy gift is a powerful way to create a permanent testament to your personal commitment and appreciation for the pristine, natural areas in Northumberland County.  Your family and descendants will know that you cared about leaving something for them, and others, to appreciate.

Why donate?  Durham region was once like Northumberland County but urban sprawl has, as Joni Mitchell sang, “paved paradise” and Northumberland County is in the crosshairs of development.  NLT’s work ensures that Northumberland County has enough protected vital habitat for future generations to enjoy.

Liz Chatten has included Northumberland Land Trust in her estate planning.  In this video she tells us why.

Your planned gift can do many things.  It can honour your spouse, or a loved one.  It can be a legacy where your family name will stand as a living monument to your personal passion for the environment in Northumberland County.

Let us show you how.

Northumberland Land Trust Legacy Giving Guide

Your NLT bequest checklist:

What you want to do?

    1. Residual gift in your Will
    2. Bequest RRSP, RRIF, TFSA
    3. Specific Bequest (collections, assets)
    4. Life Insurance (beneficiary or separate policy)
    5. Gift of stocks or securities
    6. Memorial or Tribute Gift
    7. Gift from Donor Advised Fund
    8. Gift of Land

Depending on what option you choose some documents need to be completed, such as:

      1. Amendment to your Will
      2. Amending beneficiary designation
      3. Contact “Link Charity” or “Canada Helps” for gifts of stocks or securities
      4. Contact the Northumberland Land Trust for assistance.

With all options it is advisable to speak with your estate planner to ensure that your wishes are managed properly and thoroughly.

Contact Us

Please contact us at any time during your estate planning process. Email info@nltrust.ca or call 416-220-6807